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Why Use Tubing Pumps?
Contamination-Free Pumping - The fluid only contacts the inside of the tubing (USDA and FDA listed for food handling) to ensure contamination-free pumping.  No pistons, diaphragms, or valves contact the fluid stream.
Easy to Clean - Simply run sanitizing solution through the pump and flush with water - DONE!
Self Priming - Units don't need to be primed.  Just turn on the pump and the fluid will be drawn into the pump, with a suction lift of up to 28 ft.
Anti-Siphoning - Two rollers are always squeezing the tubing closed so you don't lose prime when the pump is off
Easy Maintenance  - The only wear item is the tubing, and that can be changed in a matter of minutes.  No lengthy down times to disassemble a pump to replace a broken piston or cracked diaphragm.  There is only one moving part, with no seals to leak, or valves to clog or wear.
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